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Dagmara Peinke is our Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence. In her role, Daga evaluates opportunities from executives, identifies opportunities and leads the cross-functional efforts needed to recognize them. She delivers several areas that maximize efficiencies while ensuring we continue to deliver the highest quality and value to our clients and team. Daga is critical in ensuring we balance our internal health with the commitments we make to clients, vendors, and team members.

In her previous role as VP of Biddable Media Daga specialized in the marketing of health & wellness brands through all lifecycle stages: starting from clinical trial recruitment campaigns, through the pre-launch market-shaping, launch and promotional phase, ending with patent expiration and marketing sunsetting. She’s successfully managed 60+ Pharma & Biotech brands across multiple categories and therapeutic areas: supplements, OTC, physiotherapy gear, medical devices, and prescription drugs, including black box therapies. Throughout her career, Dagmara has had the opportunity to work with brands across oncology, hematology, neurology, psychiatry, cardiology, and endocrinology, as well as e-commerce, FMCG, fashion, software, and more.

Located in Krakow, Poland, Daga has been with Underscore since 2009. She earned her Master’s Degree in Marketing and Management and then completed her Post Graduate Studies in Online Marketing. While at Underscore, she spent three years teaching Search Engine Marketing at the WSE University in Krakow.

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