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Optimize your health brand’s media mix with balanced search efforts combining SEO, Search Experience Optimization (SXO) & Paid Search

With 88.5% of HCPs and 69% of patients turning to online search to answer health questions, it’s a critical tool for any health brand. We have a suite of cutting-edge solutions that makes sure you leverage it to the maximum

Align your organic & paid search programs strategically with your business objectives with a priority on critical success factors:

Business Objectives & Brand Goals

Your balance of paid & organic search should consider more than short term traffic & budget

Consider the search market & competitor dynamics relative to your brand objectives

Assess what your direct & indirect competitors are doing and spending

Learn the size & scale of search opportunity & investment dynamics within the timeframe you need results

Audiences & Targeting

Nuance your patient & professional targeting within engines to reach your audiences more specifically

Consider cost, benefit, and scale factors to determine your best targeting approach

Understand your target audience & utilize available paid search audience-targeting tactics to minimize waste & increase audience quality, to achieve your brand goals

Positioning & Ranking

We deliver a positioning strategy that achieves your goals from inception

Consider cost, volume, and relevancy factors by keyword set to develop your tactical campaign budgets

Monitor and adjust multiple listings to maintain cost-efficiency of your campaigns that reach target audiences

Testing, Learning & Measurement

We create valuable intelligence that clearly showcases the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns

We get you aligned on reporting, analysis cadence and collaboration approach

We design campaign KPIs that align strategically with your overall brand goals

Set your optimization expectations for campaign transparency and clarity

Our Solutions

Category analysis & benchmarking for search marketing intelligence

Prioritize your site content based on your audience’s needs while ensuring you appear in the searches you won’t rank in with SEO.

Category Analysis

Our data-based report and budget parameters for maximizing the visibility of your content and website in search

A full analysis of your relevant search categories

Competitive Review

Understand your competitors’ strategies & investments to turbocharge your own search strategy

A deep dive into your key competitors within search

Build it or Buy it

Our expert guidance for balancing your search investments through content and pay per click

Our business case and proposed strategy for balancing search and SEO

Technical Audit

Recommendations on the areas you can optimize to convert more qualified traffic and enable deeper engagement

Comprehensive technical analysis of all your relevant web properties for SEO

Audience Validation

Our solution comprises a visitor verification survey, NPI-level tracking & measurement, and heat mapping

Combined, you get a complete toolset of analytics capabilities that offers you a 360-degree view of your digital campaign performance.

As component parts:

Visitor verification survey

Our own measurement platform to evaluate your campaigns’ audience quality & media attribution. It’s a short survey – fewer than five questions – prompted to your site visitors on entry.

Depending on your website KPIs it can determine the quality of your audience based on their traffic source.

NPI-level tracking & analysis

Track and measure campaigns at NPI level. We work with partners to determine the exact keywords that drive HCPs to your site.

Understand HCP search behavior, refine your investement decisions and build an omnichannel attribution model that delivers ROMI-boosting insights.

Heat Mapping

As part of our SXO (search experience optimization) audit capability we use heat maps to deliver specific insights into your on-page user activity.

Combining heatmaps with standard analytics provides you with granular page statistics and conversion-rate data for prescriptive actions you can take to optimize page performance.

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