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Benefit from a technology-driven medical media buying approach that traverses digital, social, audio, OOH, TV & video

Focus on who the HCP is and engage them wherever they are

Utilize HCP signals to reach your audience with our programmatic approach that’s aligned with the right messaging strategy for high awareness and adoption – all while maintaining your 1:1 targeting.

Our trusted network means we can identify either your successes or the need to boost focus by area when attributions can’t be made to an Rx or usage. Our social listening capabilities validate the approach.

Leverage your physician-level data to engage HCPs on their daily journey using our health media expertise

Drive smarter engagement with all your segments using NPI data and programmatic buying. As HCPs engage with your NPP Program, programmatic serves the next-best message and transitions them from awareness, to consideration, to trial.


Workflow Alerts

EMR Display


Programmatic Ads Use All this Data

Conference Extensions

Interactive Education

Topic or Case-based Education; Peer Perspective

Target CPC

Progress your programmatic display to smart targeting


Your ads are programmatically served to a pre-set NPI list


Engagements are recorded and updates triggered to the dynamic list (adding to engaged NPIs)


Your ads are programmatically served to your pre-set NPI list and dynamic NPI list

The programmatic
process with Underscore


We partner with multiple DSPs based on their capabilities, your objectives and target audience


We buy ads for you directly in the DSP. It’s fully automated execution and daily monitoring


We develop campaign briefs to ensure your campaign setup fully aligns with your final approved plan


We communicate with you clearly via collaborative communication boards and weekly status meetings

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