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Health Media

Your tools for a proven, strategic approach to health media planning, execution, measurement and monitoring

We plan and buy every form of media and expertly deliver accountable omnichannel health programs or manage single channels - based on your needs


+ Endemic Display
+ Programmatic
+ E-mail
+ Mobile
+ Native
+ Social
+ Connected TV


+ Direct Mail
+ Consumer magazines
+ Trade journals
+ Newspaper
+ Digital editions
+ In-office magazines


+ National TV
+ Spot TV
+ Network radio
+ Spot radio
+ Digital video
(guaranteed audience)
+ Digital audio

Out of Home

+ Billboards
+ In-office
+ Conference support
+ Point of care
+ Digital OOH
+ Street teams
+ Pharmacy
+ Transit

Solve your medical media challenges & simplify your processes with our in-house solutions


A suite of tools focused on helping you solve complex challenges using a clear & concise approach

Proprietary Media Planning Process

Determine the best plan of action for you by merging Underscore’s human expertise with relevant actionable intelligence

Comprehensive Payer Targeting

Reach key professionals within the managed care space with our managed market media solution

Category Analysis & Benchmarking

Strategic analysis of condition/treatment categories to prioritize content development & design your optimal strategic search approach

Proprietary Website Tracking & Reporting

Detailed assessment & implementation instructions for web analytics that align with your core KPIs


We focus on execution and analytics to maximize the efficiency and performance of your campaigns


Underscore’s approach to efficient media buying that maintains your brand integrity & safety

Connected Media & Commercial Data Capability

An automated platform tying your front-end media performance and metrics to back-end sales and performance data for enhanced clarity

In-house App Optimization

A solution that empowers you to optimize mobile apps to maximize your brand presence within app stores & throughout the web

Proprietary Audience Screening Tool

Our measurement platform for identifying your audience quality & media attribution


We invest in building unique methods to ensure your campaigns run smoothly

Proprietary Social Listening & Optimization

Track & report on social behaviors and trends within key categories & treatment areas

Bespoke Database Insights

Custom database and API setup to focus your time on monitoring data versus the menial task of gathering it

In-house Web Maintenance Tooling

Monitor your website & page health to mitigate the risk of technical issues hindering your media investment

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