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Bet On Native Advertising

I can remember my very first experience with native advertising. It was 2014 and my team was preparing for a media day event to introduce new potential vendors to our client. One of the chosen vendors was TripleLift, a native advertising technology vendor. At the time, native was new, and the company was tiny. So small in fact, that Ari Lewine, one of the co-founders, was our main contact and the media day presenter. 

Fast forward six years and TripleLift recently announced they drove $350,000,000 in publisher revenue. And TripleLift isn’t the only vendor in the space. There’s Taboola, Nativo, StackAdapt, Sharethrough and more. That is a LOT of native ads.

Interested, but not sure exactly what native ads are? Native ads are display or video ads that take on the look and feel of the site where they are displayed. Because the ads blend into the website, it is a much more seamless and engaged experience for consumers. They drive much higher clickthrough rates than traditional display, sometimes 3 – 5 times higher. 

Native Ad Example

Being able to increase the number of ads to support your products or brand quickly can help prevent the creative fatigue that occurs when users see the same ad over and over. According to Pulsepoint, our DSP, creative performance begins to dip after target audiences are exposed to the same ad over 34 times. Because we specialize in pharma and healthcare marketing where target frequencies can be as high as 250, the ability to reduce creative fatigue can dramatically improve campaign performance.




Branded Content

Another benefit of native advertising? You can develop branded content and distribute it at lower cost CPMs than the traditional fixed fee structure for content marketing. As brands rely more and more on sponsored content, this can help level the playing field for brands with smaller budgets.

Still not convinced that native is a creative format that is right for your brand?  According to eMarketer, by the end of 2020, native will drive just over $34 million in digital display spending, which is almost two thirds of all digital display ad spending. On mobile, native will account for almost 90% of ad spend by the end of this year. Why not focus your ad spend on where the inventory, higher click-through rates, engagement and better performance is? 

Erica Hawthorne // Global Programmatic Lead at  Underscore Marketing - a worldwide strategic media company providing ROI solutions in the health & wellness, healthcare and pharma space.

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