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Visitor Verification Survey (VVS)

Get qualified visitors to your site, with Visitor Verification Survey (VVS). See how

Like many of our products, VVS arose from real life experiences working on client campaigns. We felt, just like many of our clients, that there needed to be a better way to determine just how qualified the traffic from their different channels was. VVS provides us with the ability to test that traffic.

VVS places a small pop-up survey on your campaign’s website. This survey asks a couple of simple questions that can be tailored precisely to gain actionable data about your traffic. You can learn anything, from the primary field of your visitor, to how they came to your website, to would they consider prescribing, to what color skittle is their favorite.

We can even setup VVS to discover information about where people might leave your website. For instance, for one of our clients, we setup VVS to be prompted anytime a customer left the shopping cart funnel. The company in question wanted to get an idea of why a customer would start the process to purchase a product, but then leave before completing the transaction. VVS will be able to provide them with an answer to one of the biggest questions they’ve had about customer engagement during checkout.

Using the information you gain from VVS will allow you to determine just how effective your different media channels are. In 2015, we had a client who wanted to do just that. Their original plan had included $500K in paid search, but after running VVS, they realized only half the traffic coming from one of their targeted websites was qualified. They were able to reduce their spend by $300K and were still getting the levels of qualified traffic they needed to meet their goal.

You might at this point be thinking “sounds good, but what about the impact to the user experience”? We thought about that too, and made sure to do testing around it. Through that testing, we were able to determine that this brief survey has no negative impact on customer experience.

VVS can absolutely give you the visitor verification data you need to be able to optimize your campaign for maximum efficiency.

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