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Site Analytics Management (SAM)

Not sure if you have access to all your website data? Site Analytics Management (SAM) is for you.

SAM, or Site Analytics Management, is a service designed to give anyone, regardless of their level of engagement with Underscore, a checkup on their website tagging and set-up. We begin with a free web analytics tracking assessment and a complete audit of its technical implementation. This audit is designed to bring to light the current state of your site’s analytics and determine the accuracy of the data you’re collecting.

After the audit, we’ll work with you to devise a measurement strategy that aligns with your business needs. During those consultation meetings, we’ll learn what success for your business looks like, and how the data from your site can show your movement toward that success. Next, we have our team dig into your current data to ensure that it’s clean and structured properly, to work with the strategy we establish. Finally, we construct a data management platform for you and your team. This platform ensures that your data is managed correctly and is easily evaluated so that you and your team get actionable insights.

The results of SAM are immediate. After the completion of the final step, you’ll have a better understanding of your users, clear and valuable success metrics, an analytics solution tailored directly to your business goals and strategy, and the ability to make business decisions based on reliable data.

One of the clients we ran a SAM audit for saw many avenues of success from the results we gathered, and upon implementing them, saw a marked improvement in their data. We’re more than happy to discuss this in more detail with you, should this product interest you.

So, do you know if your site is set-up correctly?  Don’t be a member of the majority and assume. Let us run a free SAM audit for you, today, and help you know for sure.

  • Starting is Easy: Our opening audit of your website with Site Analytics Management is absolutely free!
  • Comprehension: After your site audit, we’ll teach you how to read the data coming to your site & what it means for your brand.
  • Results: Once you have comprehension, it’s just a hop, skip & a jump to implementing our recommendations to improve your data!

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