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Gather all of your marketing & sales data, partition in a secure database & build a dashboard you can access any time with @Sense

At Underscore, we obsess over ROI. I mean that’s why we’re in the media business at all. We want to be able to provide companies with impeccable plans that actually provide meaningful returns on investment. In order to do that, we need to know how to optimize, and the only way to know how to optimize is with real-time data that you can manipulate.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve used PowerPoint for campaign reporting, but after many engagements, we realized how ineffective it is. That led us to explore all the ways we could get our clients real-time, actionable data that they can play with, either in a reporting meeting or at 3am over a bowl of cereal when they can’t sleep.

What we came up with is called @Sense.

With @Sense, our approach is nuanced and offers a different process.  First, we work with all of your agencies and internal teams to get all of the data relevant to your campaign. Then, the data is aggregated and stored in a secure and partitioned database.  To ensure safety and data security, we have measures in place where only a select few have access.  The data is never mingled with any of our other data thanks to our proprietary partitioning tools.  Next, through a series of collaborative work-sessions we discuss the vast amount of information available and collectively decide the key trends and projections that are meaningful for decision making.  Finally, we build out a dashboard tailored to your needs and offer on-going training to ensure you too can learn how to look at the data in meaningful ways.

Now, in your reporting meetings, everyone is looking at one dashboard with all your campaign’s information: click through rate, time on page, sales, prescriptions, email opens, cost per actions, cost per leads, cost per “x,” engagements or proxies for sales, etc. You can then slice and dice all of this data in real-time by date, by geography, by vendor, by channel and on and on. Instead of talking through slide after slide after slide, now in your reporting meetings (and any other time you want) you can actually get answers to your most probing questions.

Be warned though, there is a downside to @Sense: you’re going to have to stock up on those Fruit Loops to fuel your 3 AM data explorations.

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