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NPI Navigator

Understand how Underscore’s NPI Navigator tool places highly granular HCP analysis at pharma marketers’ fingertips

Media campaigns are awash with media-centric performance data like impressions, CTRs and Open Rates. But just how much insight can be gleaned from this to help sales teams grow pipeline and drive overall business performance? Media data is anonymous: you cannot track who saw your brand, what they saw, where they saw it, and what their next action was.

What if there were a way to get this type of highly detailed analysis and create a chain of events that would enable aligning media data with brand and sales information to provide high-quality leads that can be nurtured down the funnel?

NPI Navigator makes this happen. It’s Underscore’s proprietary tool that places highly granular HCP analysis at pharma marketers’ fingertips – while going far beyond basic media performance data.

NPI Navigator empowers our clients to extract high-value data like name, specialty and media type engaged with – be it ads, banners, clicks or specific messaging. The result is a treasure trove of HCP-level data for comprehensive audience segmentation. It enables uncovering insights and driving value across the entire business by using media data to connect, inform and enrich Sales and Analytics teams’ performance.

NPI Navigator delivers a step change in media campaign performance tracking by empowering pharma marketers to monitor engagement performance over time and make optimizations to deliver the best possible omnichannel experience.

This creates a new paradigm that goes far beyond media to open possibilities including:

  • Advanced physician-level analysis for true customer attribution &segmentation that ties back to NPI target lists
  • A virtuous data circle that extends beyond media to empower both Sales and Analytics teams to overlay, calibrate, iterate and refine based on business KPIS
  • New, highly defined physician-level audiences based on first-party data sets combined with CRM and Rx data for an actionable 360-degree view of the HCP.
  • Ability to track engagement of no-see or hard-to-see physicians to extend sales efforts beyond your sales team.

NPI Navigator enables pharma marketers to provide high-integrity data that can be ingested, combined and recategorized by Analytics teams and then reshared to create optimized omnichannel campaigns and HCP-level workflows that offer highly appropriate messaging.

It also bridges the gap between Media, Brand, Sales and Analytics teams by delivering granular first-party-based data insights that can be tied to delivering on overarching business KPIs that other companies cannot provide.

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