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Drive To Site (DTS)

With Drive To Site (or DTS) from Underscore, you have access to a quick, easy method to bring qualified visitors to your site

With Drive To Site (or DTS) from Underscore, you have access to a quick, easy method to bring qualified visitors to your site. Get you the visitors you need, within your budget and timing limits.

From the beginning, we sit down with you and your team, and work to understand the exact demographics you’re looking to capture. From there, we use a host of proven digital tactics to make sure that we’re going after exactly who you need; with Drive To Site, you reach your ideal customers quickly, and easily.

How do we achieve that? A variety of methods! We use hyper-targeted digital display, which is a media tactic that lets us target specific audiences through data points such as previous media usage, lifestyle factors, content they’ve watched in the past, purchase behavior, and more, making it easier to talk to specific people. We utilize a combination of Paid Search and SEO, by bringing keywords into play that will entice and speak to those specific audiences. We also bring Paid Social Media into the mix as well, using paid promotions and ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more in order to reach potential visitors.

What makes DTS a guaranteed product, is that we continually optimize your investments against the above tactics at a rapid rate. The hope is that a dialogue can begin with a potential customer or visitor, and at no point along the digital pipeline do we ever stop that conversation. That’s the beauty of DTS – Underscore will do the heavy lifting, ensuring that we continue to intercept that customer over and over until they take action. Are they searching CNN? We’re there. Streaming through Spotify? We’re there. Looking up side effects for a potential drug therapy on WebMD? We’re there. Asked Alexa to search their for their PCP’s availability? We’ll be there, too.

DTS is a comprehensive mix of digital tactics that gets your message in-market fast, and with a guaranteed exposure to the right people. Pricing is flexible and based upon cost-per-action; either cost-per-visitor or cost-per-click, meaning you get to choose what works best for you.

Don’t feel down that people aren’t coming to your site; take action with Drive to Site, and bring them to you. Because if you build it, they will come.

They may just need a little help getting there.​

  • Efficiency: We find out what you need and we go for it. DTS is efficient and garners result quickly.
  • Mixture of Tactics: We don’t stick to just one technique; we work many different angles to capture visitors!
  • Flexible Pricing: Based on cost-per-action, so you get to the opportunity to choose what works best for you!

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