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Understand where you can win in search, how to optimize, scope to upscale & competitor activity with CAB

This is the ideal product for clients who are looking to dedicate themselves to a fuller and more immersive SEO experience. It is less of a strategy and more of a conversation where we discuss with you what you’re hoping to accomplish, and then dive into the data headfirst to pull the information and insights you need to make your site’s SEO a success.

It is our belief at Underscore that effective SEO means integrating it throughout the entire process, starting with the design, through content development, and after launch. This ongoing process should also align with best practices from a technical aspect, and work to push your SEO off the page once launched.

A brand manager in attendance for a CAB presentation we gave earlier this quarter stopped us several times throughout the presentation to comment on the value of the information being provided, and how she wished it was specific for her own brand. Over and over, she wished she had this CAB information as they were going through site development for her brand at the time. We ended up selling a CAB for her only a month later. A VP of Customer Experience for another client, said “I wish we had one of these thorough strategy deliverables every time we were kicking off a website build. The information here is incredibly comprehensive and detailed.”

The CAB is broken down into several components, and each of them are vital to understanding the full landscape of SEO and the part you hope to play in it. These steps are an overview of the industry’s landscape and trends, a look at key content categories and recommendations, a competitive analysis, a full audit of your current site and a discussion of best practices, and then various off-page recommendations to employ after the site launch. This presentation is designed to leave you with a solid roadmap for your organic search endeavors.

Our landscape and trends analysis is all about the bigger picture: how has a category fluctuated? Has there been an increase in searches? A loss? Here we compare categories and key terms against one another, track the flow of searches across the past five years, and discover what opportunities we can tackle to deliver the results you’re after.

Our semantic analysis dives into the deep ocean of content recommendations as they pertain to different keywords and targeted categories; we go category by category and give a full, detailed analysis of whether it is important to your campaign, how it can be optimized for your site, and how it can be utilized moving forward.

Our competitive analysis is like peeking into your neighbor’s yard. We take what’s working for your competitors (as well as what isn’t) and find new opportunities in the space to capture traffic.

Our tech audit is straight-forward but invaluable. We walk you through best practices to show you what you’re doing right and where areas of improvement exist. Our tech audit and best practices combine to keep your site as up to date as possible, so that if bad weather comes through, you’ve already got an umbrella in hand.

Last but not least, it’s imperative to create a strategy for off-page SEO. Once your site is established with top-notch SEO, the next step is to build up its authority in the eyes of the SERPs. A site with a good link-building strategy is a site that the SERPs will give more of a benefit to.

With the CAB, we begin the dialogue with you about what’s important, and lend our expertise to our recommendations for making your site’s SEO the strongest it can be. Winning in organic search can take a lot of manpower and a lot of knowledge, but with the CAB, you’re already one step closer.

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