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Spotify’s emergence as a tool for targeting HCPs

Spotify has long been seen to have potential as a channel to build awareness with health practitioners. However, thus far use cases have been limited, but this is set to change. While Spotify doesn’t yet have the capability to run 1:1 HCP matches based on NPI data, the company is gradually evolving its targeting capabilities to be more pharma friendly. Spotify is moving towards leveraging various data segments to hone its patient-targeting capabilities.

And on the HCP side, it’s evaluating its capabilities around providing granular data with the goal of moving a step closer to being able to leverage the streaming platform to reach HCP prospects for pharma campaigns.

The audio streaming and media services provider also recently shared some statistics based on 2022 HCP podcast usage specifically related to Spotify: 90 per cent of HCPs listening to podcasts on the platform do not listen to health-related content, but instead focus on sports, finance, news and comedy. This trend further underscores the reason why our approach to reaching HCPs should be audience-first to find the right people, and then reach them where they are throughout their daily digital experience.

As Spotify continues to streamline and open up its pharma-focused capabilities, marketers would be wise to keep this platform top of mind based on the nascent opportunities we see emerging. Make sure to follow our blog to gain access to our latest recommendations on driving an effective omnichannel marketing strategy.

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