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Advertising on TiKTok just got simpler

In today’s world, social media is an integral part of any concerted media campaign, and TikTok has emerged as a channel that warrants a seat at the table. With this social media app providing access to a large and ever-growing audience, how can companies leverage this to reach their ideal clients?

The latest from Insider Intelligence looks at how TikTok is making it easy for advertisers to purchase ad space on the platform. The article examines the solutions it put in place to simplify the process for those looking to expand their reach.

TikTok has yet again taken steps to advance its monetization strategy and enable brands to tap into its platform for advertising. The platform showcased advanced advertising solutions during its recent presentation at the 2022 edition of IAB NewFronts, including expanded targeting, custom content creation, and bidding capabilities. One new feature guarantees ads will be shown to the top 4% of all TikTok videos on the “For You page”, which can be purchased for any of 12 category levels.

The ByteDance-owned platform has also added improved measurement capabilities to help brands justify TikTok as part of their overall marketing spend. This includes an expanded partnership with Foursquare for in-store foot traffic, brand-lift studies through a partnership with Kantar, and media mix modeling solutions with companies like IRI and Neustar.

While all these efforts point towards the fact that eventually, Pharma will need to figure out how to play in the TikTok sandbox despite compliance challenges, the platform still has work to do in this space. But this is still a social platform we need to keep a close eye on as it further evolves its advertising and measurement offerings.

Click here to read the full article from Insider Intelligence. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to our awesome Social Media & Programmatic team at Underscore as you research ways to expand further into social to position your company for optimal engagement.

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