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Specialization in Pharma Marketing

‘Broad’ is becoming an increasingly dirty word in marketing. Long gone are the days of employing a one-size-fits-all approach to an audience and expecting positive outcomes. In an era where personalization distinguishes you from competitors and data reigns supreme, how should pharma marketers tailor their media strategies to effectively impact and engage their audiences?

Targeting approaches are swiftly transitioning from broad audience categories to hyper-focused segments, each with their own individual strategy and messaging focus. Validation and measurement are likewise becoming more intricate, with more audience behaviors to analyze and optimize toward. A diagnosed patient audience presents vastly different needs and challenges compared to those who are misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. Similarly, the caregiver’s role demands individual evaluation to discern their unique needs.

On the healthcare professional (HCP) side, we are actively assisting our clients in further segmenting their target list(s) to provide personalized reach and frequency goals, along with a customized media mix aimed at addressing that audience segment’s barriers or challenges. A common thread through all HCP efforts is the role, activity level, and coverage of the sales force. It has taken time since the pandemic shutdowns for sales forces to regain momentum in the field. It’s imperative for media and sales force efforts to synergize. We’ve observed that the combined impact of media and sales force interactions is consistently higher, with HCPs benefitting from the added frequency. Access to sales force frequency and market coverage is particularly significant when paired with media performance data. We can get down to the individual HCP level and back-fill where there is whitespace, or even provide lists to the sales force of HCPs who have engaged frequently with media. The opportunities are vast when data is properly collected, vetted, and analyzed with an eye toward insights.

As we charge ahead into Summer 2024, expunge ‘broad’ from your marketing vocabulary and embrace ‘specialized’, instead.

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