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Unlock the language of healthcare marketing with our comprehensive glossary that is key to understanding all of the industry-specific acronyms and buzzwords.


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There are currently 3 terms in this directory beginning with the letter V.

Value Proposition
A value proposition is a clear, concise statement that encapsulates the unique value a business offers to its target customers. It should answer the question "Why should someone buy from us?" by addressing the specific problems the product or service solves, the specific target customers it addresses, and the unique benefits it offers to these customers. A value proposition should be clear, compelling, and differentiate the business from its competitors. It should not be confused with a mission statement or a tagline, which are broader and less focused on the value the business offers to its customers.

View-Through Rate
View-through rate (VTR) is a metric that measures the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign. It is used to track the number of times an ad was viewed after it was served to a user. VTR is an important metric because it can help advertisers understand how well their ads are resonating with users and identify areas for improvement.

Viewable Impression
Viewable Impression is a metric used to measure the effectiveness of online advertising. It is a way of tracking how many people are seeing an advertisement on a website or other digital platform, and for how long. The viewable impression metric is an important tool for advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies as it helps them understand the reach and effectiveness of their ad campaigns.
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