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Underscore Drove a 70% Increase in Rx Volume

Case Study: Using PulsePoint’s LIFE technology, Underscore’s programmatic team drove a 70% increase in patient prescriptions for a client. PulsePoint’s LIFE Technology is a programmatic platform that reaches health audiences across channels and devices with advanced precision targeting.


We are a global healthcare marketing company that offers media solutions for innovative health and wellness, healthcare, and pharma brands. We focus on making advertising media simple for marketers on smaller budgets and maximizing Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) by combining the latest in ad technology with human-led insight.


Underscore’s client was interested in executing a campaign to reach, educate, and promote a health-advancing treatment option for rare disease patients in a key market. High-level campaign goals were:

  • Build and increase brand awareness
  • Hyper-target rare disease audience segments for the brand
  • Optimize campaign to increase prescription volume


Underscore leveraged PulsePoint’s LIFE platform to programmatically:

  • Reach rare disease patients through contextual targeting on key medical pages and endemic media
  • Deploy a multi-channel campaign which included search, display, native, video, and PMPs
  • Synthesize real-time data and analytics to optimize campaign performance


  • Increased qualified visitors to the branded websites by directing relevant search volume by over 120%
  • Validating that the ads were reaching qualified people by:
    • Improving click-through rate (CTR) by 500%
    • Increasing video views by 170%
  • Measuring and attributing a 70% increase in prescription volume as a result of the media

Business Impact

Delivering meaningful results for Underscore’s client strengthened our partnership, growing their annual spend with PulsePoint in 2020 over 50% YOY.

In 2021, our partnership continues to thrive. Underscore has supercharged its programmatic approach by leveraging PulsePoint’s innovative capabilities like email to drive incremental value for their clients.

Interested in learning how Underscore can help increase your Rx volume through the programmatic techniques mentioned here? We’d love to meet with you!

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