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UTM Tracking

Ad Ops: I didn’t know that!
1. UTM Tracking
2. Talking to Search Engines: What can possibly go wrong?
3. Ad-serving: How does it work?
4. Monitoring and Optimizing Media Campaigns

Ever wondered what UTM tracking is but found all the explainer articles overly technical and daunting to unpack? Look no further than our Ad Ops easy-to-digest, quick-value explainer series.

What: UTM parameters represent the gold standard in digital marketing and take your Google Analytics game to expert level. They are used to identify traffic sources in GA. They are customizable and attached to the landing page URL.

How: UTMs should always be consistent across all channels/platforms to ensure data aligns properly in Google Analytics. They should include critical digital-placement  details: campaign, channel, publisher, audience, creative and more.

Here’s a sample URL with the UTM parameters attached:

UTM parameters are used for all online traffic sources and should follow a very strict naming convention to ensure data consistency.

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