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Talking to Search Engines: What can possibly go wrong?

Ad Ops: I didn’t know that!
1. UTM Tracking
2. Talking to Search Engines: What can possibly go wrong?
3. Ad-serving: How does it work?
4. Monitoring and Optimizing Media Campaigns

Hey! Izabela here, Ad Ops Specialist. As you know, I’m constantly in touch with the support teams at Microsoft and Google Ads. Working with big players like them may seem like a breeze and most of the time it is! But even industry giants do not have everything under control.

Here’s the deal: sometimes, complications result in those dreaded prolonged processes. Some of you might be scratching your heads, wondering what on earth I’m talking about. But let me break it down for you. It’s like when you’re trying to set up a new account perfectly, and the certification process takes way longer than it should or disapproved ads are not running as quickly as we’d like.

And you might be wondering, “Why the heck is this happening?”

Picture this: I’m working my magic, sending another request for pharma certification and still getting rejected after sending 5 applications in a row, with a lack of reasonable explanation. It’s frustrating, right? When we dig deeper, it turns out that the confusion between our website and online pharmacies leads to refusal. This misunderstanding cost us in the past 10+ days of delay in the campaign launch, as the website was not approved to advertise and Vanity URL was disabled on the newly created accounts.

The other thing that’s also been on my mind is campaign uploads. You know, getting those awesome ads out there for the world to see. But guess what? Some of them often get disapproved due to system limitations and we rely solely on support to address these issues. Support personnel may not always be specialized in managing pharma ads and as a result, content is non-eligible for an extended period. We have also observed that one support agent had proficiency in resolving the issue within a single day, while another required 14 days. Sounds crazy, right?

I’m here to navigate these tricky waters and show you our solutions to these upload speed bumps.

Never give up. Persistence is crucial in ensuring the efficient processing of our requests, a principle that holds for both Google and Bing. When encountering repeated and seemingly irrelevant responses, seeking out the next available agent with the necessary expertise to coordinate our inquiries effectively becomes imperative. When those difficulties started, Piotrek kept telling me, “You hit the wall, you push through it”. It turned out to be actually working here, literally and figuratively in some of our cases 😉

It’s also worth mentioning that we had to learn to communicate our needs by learning unavailable jargon. Otherwise, you’ll be misunderstood and open the wrong ticket request. Failure to do so would result in a prolonged process, extending up to a month instead of the intended timeframe of merely a few days. Therefore, embracing a proactive and resourceful mindset becomes paramount in expediting our objectives and avoiding unnecessary delays.

Through numerous account launches and certifications, we have acquired valuable insights on effectively dealing with issues when contacting search engine supports. It is important to note that these processes are not entirely within our control, but we consistently strive to establish the most efficient methods for managing them. By informing our clients in advance, we ensure transparency and manage expectations. I trust that this message has provided you with a broader understanding of the challenges we often face and the level of difficulty they present. Wishing you a good day, and until our next encounter on the next episode!

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