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Monitoring and Optimizing Media Campaigns

Have you ever wondered about the journey a campaign takes after it's launched?

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4. Monitoring and Optimizing Media Campaigns

Hey there, I’m Piotr from Ad Ops, and today, I want to take you behind the curtain of media campaign monitoring. Have you ever wondered about the journey a campaign takes after it’s launched? Well, the role of Ad Ops goes far beyond just the setup.. Join me as I provide you with a sneak peek into our realm.

Each member of the Ad Ops Team is responsible for monitoring specific campaigns. To do that we use specialized Tableau dashboards crafted by our Data & Technology Team.

So, what exactly do we do? We diligently check for any discrepancies or disturbances in the campaigns we oversee. If we encounter any issues, we collaborate with the Media Team during our weekly meetings and communicate with the publishers if necessary.

Curious about the potential challenges? Here are some of the most common ones we face:

1. Pacing Precision: Keeping Impression Pace in Check

During monitoring, maintaining a consistent delivery rate of contracted impressions is essential. Under pacing arises when a partner delivers impressions at a slower pace than agreed upon in the contract, while over pacing is its counterpart impressions delivered too quickly. Any such deviations prompt us to engage with publishers immediately, seeking to resolve the matter promptly.

2. Disruptions and Spikes: Identifying and Resolving Anomalies

Delivery disruptions or spikes of impressions can cause fluctuations in pacing (which should be stable and evenaccording to our contracts), performance metrics and skewing data analysis. In such cases, we need to know why this happened and prevent a recurrence. In more severe scenarios, we even assist in negotiating potential compensation from vendors.

3. Metric Precision: Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency in Data

Metric discrepancies can emerge not only between different platforms, but also within specific metrics, such as clicks and sessions. These variations can lead to misinterpretations of user engagement and campaign performance. If they occur, we discuss our concerns or data differences and collaborate with media partners on finding solutions to improve accuracy. Being vigilant and proactive in addressing these issues is critical to ensure the success of our media campaigns. And that’s just a glimpse into the dynamic world of Ad Ops. It’s a challenging yet exciting role that keeps us on our toes, constantly seeking ways to improve and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Stay tuned for more insights from your Ad Ops

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