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Planning Suite

Delivering practical yet powerful omnichannel strategies for life science brand marketers.

The PINNACLETM Planning Suite combines strategic market test design with AI/ML technology to rapidly and cost-effectively uncover holistic marketing insights that simplify strategic decision making while improving sales impact.

Creating the foundation for innovation

At Underscore, we embrace innovation without losing sight of practicality. The typical omnichannel “promise” of personalization and prediction cannot be realized without building foundational data and insights specific to individual brand dynamics.

While this is true for any industry, pharma’s indirect buying process and healthcare data compliance requirements create additional challenges beyond data aggregation. The increased investment in data lakes and analytical tools has not necessarily given brand marketers answers to bigger-picture strategic questions such as:

  • How much can promotion contribute to brand sales?
  • What is the right balance between patient and HCP investments?
  • Who are our most profitable targets?
  • How much can we scale before meeting a point of diminishing returns?
  • What channels are missing from our promotional plans that can deliver higher sales?

How can the PINNACLE Planning Suite support your Brand?

Utilizing Underscore’s proprietary data engine that normalizes diverse media, customer, field and Rx data sets, our team of experienced healthcare marketing strategists and data analysts will partner with you to tailor plans that deliver brand-specific business insights such as:

Complementary field force and digital impact optimizations

Overlap impact of coordinated patient and HCP strategies

Optimal frequency and engagement specific to addressable customer profiles

Optimal messaging strategy at channel + segment level

Multi-touch attribution across a holistic channel mix

Let’s discuss what questions the PINNACLE Planning Suite can answer for your brand.

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