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Category Analysis & Benchmark (CAB)


Prepared to launch a new product several years away from approval, in highly competitive marketplace and category, where client brand will be fourth to market.

CAB's Value

Built a robust roadmap comprising landscape trends, competitive insight, targeted audience search behaviors, and content analysis; identified right keywords for a robust search program and best-in-class organic ranking plan; equipped agencies with key insights around content ‘win areas’, subsequently empowering the creative agency to develop high-converting website and assets.


Streamlined collaboration and strategic alignment with all partners; four consecutive months of significant SEO gains upon launch; consistent decreases in Bounce Rate and 20% month-over-month increases in Time On Site.



Client has no brand experience with neither HCP nor DTC campaigns.

MediaVisions's Value

Educative onboarding, test-based investments with incremental KPIs, increased awareness among low-writing HCPs & potential patients.


20% physician uplift representing 8% increase in test physician TRX; new/switch patients accounted for 17% of product use post campaign exposure; consumer component achieved 1.3:1 ROI, as measured by Crossix.



Offering the highest amount of usable data possible without exceeding media campaign budget.

@Sense Value

Provided guidance around optimizing the current account and built a simple reporting dashboard granting access to comprehensive campaign data, at any time, with monthly topline insights. Its automated platform enabled tying front-end media performance and metrics to back-end sales and performance data for enhanced insights.


High cross-functional dashboard uptake and a commitment to trying to secure additional funds to incorporate more into future media integrations.

Multi-channel HCP media campaign achieves strong ROMI


Drive HCPs to confidently advocate for client’s product in newly diagnosed disease state using clinical data and leveraging certified HCPs’ real-world experiences.


Activating NPI targeting, campaign developed to reach HCPs through multiple channels utilizing push and pull strategies. Push strategy drove awareness and audience to brand website (programmatic digital and direct-to-site digital) while pull strategy utilized content to drive education.


Partners’ physician-level data enabled us to identify HCP Rx writers who engaged with media; campaign delivered strong ROMI: 30.5 to 1 (overall media); 5.5 to 1 (NuMedis); 29.9 to 1 (Doximity); 251.4 to 1 (programmatic digital).

Visitor Verification Study


Drive highly qualified audience to a at the low cost/qualified visitor.

Visitor Verification Value

Running a Visitor Verification Study provided our client with in-depth audience behavior analysis. They were able to determine visitor type and accrued key insights around profession and core reasons for the website visit. It also helped verify visitors’ content needs and satisfaction post page-visit.


Established new account structure that increased HCP Rate in overall account traffic and improved cost effectiveness significantly:

  1. Account budget reduced from $450k to $115k
  2. Qualified Visitor Rate increases from 18% to 31%
  3. Cost/Qualified Visitor decreases from $22.5 to $7.9

Effective organic search (SEO) tactics for brand-launch success


Our clients were launching new websites and needed comprehensive SEO support to help bolster organic search – within budget. Expert help was required.

SEO Value
  • Brand 1 SEO optimizations: full meta tag and content recommendations, website migration help, structured data and sitemap support as well as a CAB
  • Brand 2 optimizations: duplicate-content page identification, structured data and sitemap support, CAB and complete meta tag and content recommendations

Traffic volume: Year 2 vs. Year 1 for two brands:

  1. Brand 1: Prior to website launch Underscore managed SEO from the offset: this brought a constant organic traffic increase of +1,285%
  2. Brand 2: Underscore facilitated with SEO from inception; CAB was run immediately after website launch; constant organic traffic rose by +353%

Programmatic & Media efforts brought client significant TRx spikes


Our client wanted to track their product performance against HCP site traffic. The numbers were daunting: the report displayed 12,700 sessions, but questions remained: how much of that was invalid traffic? Of the media vanity metrics, what proportion could be attributed to media spend?

Programmatic & Media Value

Our Media provided clear, positive and measurable results.

  • We were able to utilize our advanced expertise with Google Analytics to identify an artificial traffic level of 75%

There was a strong correlation between our programmatic & media efforts and the noted TRx spikes throughout the year:

  • Spikes aligned with conference coverage
  • 2022 traffic was substantially more engaged vs. 2021 – 10x more Qualified Visits
  • Organic search traffic increased by 50%
  • 55% more new users came to the site vs. 2021
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